What Features Do I Need in My New Caravan?

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Caravans can be very complex beasts with a huge list of features and added extras, so before you head on out to your local caravan dealer you need to consider what you’re looking for in your van, and we don’t just mean things like toilets and TV’s. Think about safety, size, on or off-grid etc. Safety What do we mean about safety? Well, when you take off on that adventure the first thing you’re going to want is to feel safe in your new home on wheels. You’re going to want to feel safe towing, setting up and sleeping in your new caravan. To assess this you need to ask yourself questions about your towing and reversing abilities. Will you be travelling alpine, or with a partner? And how physically strong are you? These questions will help you ascertain things … Read More

A Buyer Guide to your First Caravan

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Your first caravan is a big investment and if you get it wrong, you could end up hating your new hobbie, rather than enjoying the journey. Although there is much to consider before buying your caravan, searching for a caravan for sale should be an enjoyable and exciting experience with minimal stress. With that in mind we have put together a buying guide for first time purchasers below: Budget Let’s face it, everyone has a budget. We all want everything that opens and shuts, but you need to stick to a comfortable budget, especially when buying your 1st van. Research shows that most people that enjoy caravanning will buy 3 vans before they get exactly what they want so buying your first one should be affordable and easy. Set your budget ahead of time and make sure you stick to … Read More

Golf Savannah Maxxi 501

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Little Maxxi My years of writing about caravans, campers and boats had its reward recently when I was recognised by one of life’s most pleasing accolades. My seven-year-old grandson, Banjo, had been tasked with designing a caravan for a school project and he asked for my help! That’s a big deal, as I hope you might appreciate. We spent several hours drawing up plans and making a scale model from Lego and I’m pleased to say he did quite well. The experience came to mind when I stepped inside the Golf Savannah Maxxi 501 on test because it straightaway spoke of a van with a lot of thought put into it. This Golf was one of the pre-production models of a new adventure van from this progressive and successful Pakenham business. And it’s the first fold out caravan in their … Read More


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Avan pushes the Golf Bush Challenger further with its less is more approach. I heard myself saying ‘we probably shouldn’t be doing this’ but I was so impressed with what I saw that I couldn’t bear to raise the VHF radio in my hand to command a stop. There we were, videographer Cam (whose excellent work on the Bush Challenger you can view online) and I standing at the top of one of the more challenging valleys at Eldee watching as one of Team AL-KO expertly guided the brand new Golf through a dry river bed below us all so Matt could get the perfect shot. Matt got the shot and we all gained a new found confidence in the aptly named plugger. TOUGH YOU SAY? It is not an offroader, that must be made clear so why was it … Read More



The tough little Golf Savannah 499 was the perfect test dummy for the Toughest Tow Test. Buying a caravan is all about making a list of priorities based on what you intend to do with it. When we were planning AL-KO’s Toughest Tow Test, that looks a little something like this: lightweight and easy to tow; offroad capable; capacity for outdoor living; and a straightforward, user-friendly interior with everything we needed and nothing we didn’t. For us, the Golf Savannah 499 was ideal. Priced at a shade under $55K, this is a compact caravan that doesn’t mess around when it says it can hack it in the rough stuff. 1. PERFECT SIZE FOR OFFROADING As the name suggests, the Savannah 499 is a wee thing with a body of just 4.99m (or 6.8m garage length) and 2.39m wide. It weighs … Read More